About us

Algaepro AS was established by the team in Greentech Innovators AS in Bergen, March 2018. Algaepro was chosen as the only Norwegian company to participate in first ever cohort of the HATCH Aquaculture Accelerator. From the accelerator Algaepro grew to become noticed as an industry innovator in the algae field, reaching finals in multiple business competitions, and delivering innovative insights into exciting research projects. The team in Algaepro is growing, and with the establishment of the first demo-plant closing in, we work towards becoming a world leader in sustainable biomass and circular bioeconomy.

Hans H. Marki

CEO & Co-Founder
Biology and Innovation

Ingmar Høgøy

Chairman of the Board
Entrepreneurship and Aquaculture

Gunnar Buvik

Partner & Advisor
Network and Management